Benefits of Bipedal – Quadrupedal body weight movement

Through these practices I aim to recover spinal health, strength, mobility, agility, balance, and ease of movement, profound relaxation and quiet mind that are our birth right as human beings. I have managed to rehabilitate my own back through these practices, the damage from 3 breaks 15 years on was painful as the discs had started to degenerate causing a daily dull pain which many people who came to me thought that back pain was just part of life.

Animal inspired movement programs focus on primal, instinctive workouts challenging the body through our normal ranges of mobility that we have lost through social conditioning. Body weight movement workouts involve the entire body moving as a complete unit which is relative to everyone’s body weight shape and size. As opposed to isolated joint movements which are unnatural.

On a physical level the purpose of this form of movement is to become a properly developed being. It will undo the physical conditioning that we have become conditioned to over the decades from birth. From our early childhoods our motor coordination and cognitive development and physical behavioural patterns are lost along with our self-awareness of being able to create space on every level.

To move like our ancestors is a gift that we have lost sight of. By re-exploring these ancestral movement paterns one will rehabilitate old injuries and prevent new ones, they will give us back the ability and joy to be able to move freely as we did a child. Ancestral body movement will help to recover a sense of self, both physically and mentally.

Move because you can – don’t wait until you can’t!


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